compressor rotor

compressor rotor
ротор компресора

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  • compressor casing — The outer casing surrounding a compressor rotor. In an engine with an axial flow compressor, the stator vanes are mounted in the compressor casing …   Aviation dictionary

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  • compressor disc — The inner section of compressor wheel that makes up a stage of compression in an axial flow compressor. The disc is mounted on compressor shaft. The rotor blades are mounted on the disc periphery. Each compressor stage has its own disc …   Aviation dictionary

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  • rotor — /roh teuhr/, n. 1. Elect. a rotating member of a machine. Cf. stator (def. 1). 2. Aeron. a system of rotating airfoils, as the horizontal ones of a helicopter or of the compressor of a jet engine. 3. any of a number of tall, cylindrical devices… …   Universalium

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